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Master of Professional Accounting 

The Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) has been designed by TIIS academic staff primarily for those students who have no specific background or training in the accounting discipline.

The Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) consists of 12 prescribed units of study (without any electives) and includes a final ‘capstone’ subject Management and Leadership. The course prepares graduates for a professional accounting career. The carefully sequenced program of study provides an advanced body of knowledge, skills and practical application to a range of contexts for the professional accountant. Further, the TIIS MPA meets the accreditation requirements for direct entry into one of the two major professional accounting bodies in Australia as an associate/provisional member. It also provides a pathway for further learning by qualifying the associate/provisional member to undertake further professional studies with the professional accounting bodies such as the CPA program with CPA Australia, or CA program with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). In addition, it will also satisfy the Association of Accredited Chartered Accountants (ACCA) for the first four (and up to a further five) ACCA exam exemptions out of the fourteen required for full professional membership.

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Graduate Certificate In Professional Accounting

The Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting (GCPA) is a four subject, one trimester award, nested within the MPA. The GCPA can be used as an entry and/or exit qualification. Conceptually, the GCPA has been developed to provide graduates with the capacity to operate in a narrower range of business environments. The degree of independence will be more limited and the scope of activity constrained. GCPA graduates will manage business problems and provide advice in more restricted professional contexts. Typically they work under the supervision of a CPA.

For local students, the GCPA provides the opportunity for experienced paraprofessionals with further education (or similar) qualifications in accounting or a closely allied area, to enter into higher education at the graduate level. In this context the GCPA is deemed a TIIS pathway program.

For international students, the GCPA also provides a short-term professional development opportunity and a graduate award exit point. However, it may also afford entry for those students whose undergraduate degrees do not meet the required standards for automatic entry. This entry point will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

For students who are enrolled in the MPA and choose to exit, or fail to satisfy course requirements, the satisfactory completion of the four subject GCPA provides those students with the option of receiving a formal graduate level qualification.

All students who satisfactorily complete the academic requirements for the GCPA will be granted automatic entry into the MPA.

For more course details, please visit TIIS website.

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