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“Pollard English provides high quality relevant pathway English programs”

On-Campus English programs at Sydney

Prepare to write, read & speak English confidently with the best teachers.


What our students have to say...

  • This is the best English School in Sydney, they are very serious and with great teachings in English and sea life.
  • Fico Feliz pelo meu filho ter escolhido uma grande escola seria e compremetida com o ensino.
  • Great new school in Sydney, Australia. Lots of exciting activities.
  • This is an awesome new school in Sydney. The staff have lots of experience with overseas students. The introductory offer is a bargain.
  • I improved my English! Thank you so much!!!
  • Awesome accommodation and location and great people!
  • Good place and good people!
  • Pollard English is really good. The staffs are friendly and helpful and I improve my English every day.
  • I used the pollard English accommodation and it was so good! I met some lovely girls of all different nationalities and it was really nice and rewarding to help them brush up on their English too! The accommodation itself was lovely and homely. I liked it so much that I didn't want to leave! It had all of the amenities that you could ever want and need which was amazing especially after staying in a hostel for the last few weeks! The location is also great, close to the pubs and clubs and also close to the train station. It's walking distance to the city (about 15 minutes) which was brilliant! Thank you so much :)
  • The staff are frienly and helpful. They help me prepare for my test and they knew what I had to do.
  • The accommodation and people I've met there were amazing! I had a really good time and can definitely recommend it! The location is great and so close to everything you need :-) Best price/performance ratio, don't miss out!
  • This is more than just an English Language Centre. The staff are awesome and go above and beyond to make sure you not only receive the best education but also have a tonne of fun!
  • Samuel Peterson
    Pollard English helped me find a job, and I went on an incredible adventure with them. I was looking forward to visit Fraser Island and I had no better opportunity than with Pollard English. It was an incredible experience not only because the place is wonderful but because sleeping and waking up speaking English during 3 intense days made an incredible difference in my speaking, there I felt as if I had finally unlocked the English. Nothing better than developing the language in this way. Every detail of the trip was carefully crafted, whether at the campsite, the food court or the walks. Having returned very satisfied with the trip, Pollard English even helped me find a job, which is a super differential for international students, and that I had never really seen such support in another school in Sydney.
    Samuel Peterson
  • Himura Goza
    I went to Fraser Island with Pollard English language Centre and it was awesome! We had a lot of fun, swimming, fishing, eating and camping and the most important thing learning English!! I'm really impressed with organization, food and staff were perfect! I recommend everyone to go to Fraser Island with Pollard English Language Centre. Thanks a lot.
    Himura Goza
  • Lori Lee
    I had a great time staying in the accommodation. Nice girls, great apartment and perfect location. Could not have been better. I really recommend this place!! Thank you :)
    Lori Lee
  • Oman Surika
    I used the pollard English accommodation and it was really good! I met some lovely girls of all different nationalities and it was really. I had chance to improve my English there and Lock helped me with my resume in English. Thank you so much :)
    Oman Surika

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